Condom Alert- The Must and Must Don’t Tips

Condom Alert- The Must and Must Don’t Tips

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Safe sex is always better than hot but reckless, we all know that condoms can never give you a hundred percent security in preventing sperm and substances most especially viruses to contaminate your organ. Yet, there are things that you may do in order to maximize its protection, and with these following tips, you will be confident enough of not getting pregnant if you don’t want to or not ready yet, and of course, acquire sexually transmitted diseases which are very rampant nowadays. Sex toys in Australia provider online store visit

Must Do with your Condoms

  1. Fitting of condoms is important when you want to assure security it could provide you, so it is very important for you to choose a product that will fit best with your penis. Choosing too large will compromise the safety and security of you excretion and bacteria, this is because too loose condom will easily be slip off. Never be worry about the length, this has nothing to do with everything, it would be best for you to try various products until you discover the one that fits you best.
  2. The right storage temperature for condoms is just the mild cold and dry, avoid storing condoms inside the refrigerator for this would be too cold for the condom to shrink, and shrinkage will make you stretch the product a lot when you are to use that may damage it. Also, avoid exposing condoms with extreme and direct heat of the sun, the tendency would be the condom will melt.
  3. Always follow the instructions and check the expiration date of the product right before using, this is so much important when you want to make sure that you are using it with its maximum condition. Use lubricants if you find condoms to be very dry.


Must Don’ts

  1. Never store or keep condoms together with any sharp or edgy objects, this will have the more probability of tearing off not just the plastic cover but the condom itself. In relation to which, never cut off the cover with the use of scissors, this will accidentally damage the condom.
  2. Never unroll your condom as well as to inflate it with air, this will probably get contaminated by the dirt of your hands or with airborne viruses most especially when you blew the air on it. This will make the condom not reliable enough. So, if you happen to play your condom, you can no longer trust that to have the maximum protection to provide.
  3. Too much and too long sex will damage the condom, making it really thin due to the frictions. So, in order for you to protect it from getting weak faster, try applying some lubricants so that this will provide extra protection against friction damage.

Chicken skin after shaving will also have the chances of damaging the condom, so it is important for you to make sure that your penis will be clean shaven to avoid this damage.

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